60+ Best Gifts for RV Owners and VanLifers

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It’s hard enough to find the right gift for a friend or family member but if they are an RV owner and travel often, then you might just have an easier time coming up with a fun gift idea.

RV owners will likely appreciate thoughtful and practical gifts that will make life more comfortable on a road trip.

So whether you are looking for a great RV gift idea for new RV owners or seasoned camper owners, here are some of the best gifts for RV owners.

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Best Low-Cost Gift for RV Owners

bright lights for RV

Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights


Best Expensive Gift for RV Owners

camping firepit

Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Fire Pit


Best Gift Ideas for RV Owners

1. Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Portable Solar Panel with Waterproof 20A Charger Controller

portable solar panel
If your friend or family member doesn’t have any solar on their rig, then a portable solar panel might be one of the best gifts for RV owners.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective, the Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Portable Solar Panel with Waterproof 20A Charger Controller presents an ideal solution for RV gift ideas if you want to spend a bit of money.

This powerful, portable solar panel kit is designed to meet a wide range of energy needs, making it perfect for long-term travel and off-grid living.

It is a great gift idea if you are wanting to give something practical.

2. Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables

folding table camping
Space is a premium in RVs, making the Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables a thoughtful and practical gift.

These lightweight, yet sturdy tables fold down compactly, making them easy to store when not in use.

They’re perfect for setting up a quick outdoor dining area or just keeping essentials within reach beside a camp chair. The durable aluminum construction ensures they can withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

If you want one of the best RV gift ideas without breaking the bank, this is a great option for motorhome owners or anyone who loves camping trips.

3. Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Fire Pit

propane fire kit
Bring the cozy ambiance of a campfire wherever the road leads with the Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Portable Propane Fire Pit.

It’s a safer, cleaner alternative to traditional wood-burning fires, making it ideal for RV parks and campgrounds with fire restrictions. This portable fire pit offers instant warmth and a campfire atmosphere without the smoke, so RV owners can enjoy a starlit night by the fire wherever they park.

This is one of the best gifts for RV owners if they do not yet have a fire pit since it is convenient and a common item for RV travelers.

4. Garmin RV 785 & Traffic Advanced GPS Navigator

garmin GPS
Navigating the open road gets a lot easier with the Garmin RV 785 & Traffic Advanced GPS Navigator.

Designed specifically for RVs, it features a large, high-resolution touchscreen and provides custom routes based on the size and weight of the RV.

It also comes loaded with a directory of RV parks and services, making it an invaluable tool for planning the next adventure. Plus, the built-in dash cam records the journey, offering extra peace of mind.

Looking for RV gifts that are a bit out of the ordinary? Then a GPS navigator is an excellent choice.

5. DINETHICS Wheat Straw Dinnerware Sets For 4 (36pc)

dining set for RV
Embrace sustainability without sacrificing convenience on RV adventures with the DINETHICS Wheat Straw Dinnerware Sets For 4.

This 36-piece set is crafted from renewable wheat straw material, making it an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious traveler. Not only is this dinnerware set kind to the planet, but it’s also designed for RV lovers, being both unbreakable and microwave safe.

6. Camco “Life Is Better at The Campsite” Welcome Mat

foot mat for rv owners
Add a touch of personality and warmth to any RV with the Camco “Life Is Better at The Campsite” Welcome Mat.

This durable and weather-resistant mat is perfect for placing at the RV’s entrance, offering a cheerful greeting to all visitors.

It’s not just decorative; the mat helps keep the indoors clean by trapping dirt and debris from shoes. It’s a simple yet thoughtful gift that adds some personality to great RV gift ideas.

7. Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper

coffee dripper
Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee while camping?

For the RV owner who appreciates a quality cup of coffee, the Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper is a must-have. This lightweight and durable coffee dripper is designed for precision brewing, allowing control over the brewing time and temperature.

Its compact size makes it perfect for the limited space of an RV, ensuring that a premium coffee experience is never far away – making it an excellent choice among gifts for RV owners and a great addition to any RV kitchen.

8. BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

portable vacuum
This is truly an awesome choice if you want practical gift ideas.

This compact yet powerful vacuum is ideal for quick cleanups, from crumbs on the dining area to dirt tracked in from the outdoors. Its cordless design and long battery life offer the convenience of cleaning anywhere in the RV without worrying about outlets.

This practical gift helps maintain a tidy living space, making it a thoughtful choice for any RV owner.

9. America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

national parks pass
For the RV owner with a wanderlust for America’s vast natural landscapes, the “America the Beautiful National Park Pass” is unparalleled among the best RV gifts.

The America’s National Parks pass grants access to over 2,000 federal recreation sites across the country, including all the national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, and more. It’s the ticket to endless adventures and unforgettable memories, making it a precious gift for nature enthusiasts and explorers alike.

10. Brightech Ambience Pro – Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

bright lights for RV
If you want to perfect gift for RV campers who love a homey vibe with an awning setup, then outdoor lights make for fun gifts.

These durable and stylish string lights create a warm, inviting glow, perfect for outdoor dining, socializing, or simply relaxing. They’re waterproof and built to withstand the elements, making them suitable for any adventure.

Gift these lights to add a touch of magic to the RV outdoor living space.

11. Kootek Camping Hammock

hammock for campers
I have never known a camper owner to turn down a good ol’ hammock which makes this one of those perfect gift ideas.

The Kootek Camping Hammock is a versatile and comfortable addition to any RV trip, offering a perfect spot to relax, whether between trees at a campsite or attached to a hammock stand. This lightweight, durable hammock supports up to 500 pounds and easily packs into a small carrying bag, making it convenient for travel.

It’s an ideal gift for those who appreciate the tranquility of swaying gently in the breeze, embraced by nature.

12. La Crosse Technology C85845-1 Color Wireless Forecast Station

weather reader for RV
Happy campers can stay ahead of the weather with the La Crosse Technology C85845-1 Color Wireless Forecast Station.

This advanced weather station provides real-time temperature, humidity, and forecast data at a glance, helping RVers plan their day and stay comfortable.

Its color display and wireless outdoor sensor make it both functional and easy to use. A thoughtful gift for any RVer who likes to stay informed about the weather conditions wherever they are parked.

A great choice for individuals wanting to choose unique gifts for RV owners.

13. Gerber Gear Truss Multitool

Gerber Multitool
For the practical RVer who values preparedness, the Gerber Gear Truss Multitool is an indispensable companion.

This all-in-one tool features 17 essential tools, including pliers, scissors, and a variety of screwdrivers, all neatly folded into a compact, easy-to-carry frame.

It’s the perfect gadget for quick fixes and handy work around the RV, ensuring that they’re always prepared for all camping adventures.

14. Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

bed foam
Offer the perfect gift of comfort with the Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

This plush topper adds a layer of softness and support to any RV mattress, ensuring a good night’s sleep after a day of adventures.

The gel infusion helps regulate temperature, providing a cool and comfortable sleeping environment. It’s such a great gift for enhancing the coziness of compact living spaces for those living the RV lifestyle.

15. MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0: Solar Inflatable Light

solar light
Light up the night on a camping trip with the eco-friendly MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0: Solar Inflatable Light.

This solar-powered, waterproof light is perfect for hanging around the campsite or lighting up the interior of the RV.

It’s inflatable, collapsible, and lightweight, making it incredibly portable and easy to store. A full charge provides up to 24 hours of light, making it a reliable source of illumination for both planned activities and ensuring a successful camping trip.

Not to mention – it is a great idea for travel trailer owners who love to save space.

16. Kodak Dock Plus Portable Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Photo Printer
Among the list of great RV gifts is the Kodak Dock Plus Portable Instant Photo Printer.

This compact printer connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing RVers to instantly print their favorite travel photos.

It’s a fantastic way for them to create physical mementos of their journeys, filling their mobile home with snapshots of their adventures.

The printer’s user-friendly design and high-quality photo output make it a cherished gift for anyone who loves to document their travels.

17. Sea to Summit X Set 31 Collapsible Silicone Kitchenware

RV campers can maximize space without sacrificing the ability to cook and enjoy meals with the Sea to Summit X Set 31 Collapsible Silicone Kitchenware.

This set includes a kettle, two mugs, and two bowls, all made from durable, heat-resistant silicone that can collapse flat for compact storage.

It’s a great choice for camping gifts since many RV owners love to cook but need to conserve space in their kitchen.

18. Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

liquid propane grill
If you want RV camping gifts a bit on the fancy pants side, then the Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill is a great choice.

Its portable design doesn’t skimp on quality, offering the same high performance as larger Weber models in a compact, RV-friendly size.

Whether grilling up breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this grill is perfect for the RVer who appreciates the flavor and enjoyment of grilled meals.

While it is a bit more on the expensive side, it can be a perfect choice among Christmas gifts for your RV friend.

19. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set

inflatable kayak
For the adventurous RVer who loves to explore both land and water, the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a gift that offers endless possibilities.

This two-person inflatable kayak is lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble, making it perfect for spontaneous paddling excursions. It comes with everything needed to get on the water, including aluminum oars and a high-output air pump.

This is among some favorite RV gifts since it opens up the possibility of tons of adventures on the road.

20. Adorrgon 12×42 Powerful Binoculars

Ready for awesome gift ideas for bird nerds?

Encourage the exploration of scenic vistas and wildlife for your RV friends with the Adorrgon 12×42 Powerful Binoculars.

These high-powered binoculars offer clear, bright views even in low-light conditions, making them perfect for bird watching, scenic viewing, or any outdoor activity where getting a closer look enhances the experience.

Compact and lightweight, they’re easy to bring along on any camping adventure.

21. MALEDEN Spiral Bound Journal


For the RV owner who loves to document their journey, the MALEDEN Spiral Bound Travel Journal is an excellent gift.

Durable and refillable, this journal offers a classic way to record memories, jot down notes, or sketch the breathtaking views encountered along the way.

Its rugged cover and spiral binding ensure it can withstand the rigors of travel, making it a perfect companion for the road.

22. Nestl Bedding Mircofiber RV Sheets

bedding sheets

Want a simple and low-cost gift? You can gift a comfortable night’s sleep with the Nestl Bedding Microfiber RV Sheets.

Designed specifically to fit RV mattresses, these sheets are soft, durable, and easy to care for. They come in a variety of colors to match any interior décor, providing both comfort and style.

It’s a thoughtful gift that brings a touch of home comfort to the mobile lifestyle.

23. JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

clip speaker

Music lovers will appreciate the JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Compact yet powerful, this Bluetooth speaker delivers high-quality sound and is waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Its integrated clip allows for easy attachment to backpacks or the RV itself, ensuring favorite tunes are always within reach. A fantastic gift for adding a soundtrack to those unforgettable road trips.

While it may not be something that is blasted in an RV park, you can imagine how awesome it is to jam out to some groovy tunes in the middle of the desert.

24. OCOOPA Rechargable Hand Warmers

hand warmers

For chilly mornings or evenings around the campsite, the OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmers offer warmth and comfort.

These compact devices are rechargeable, providing hours of heat on demand.

They fit perfectly in the palm or pocket, making them an essential accessory for cold-weather adventures. It’s a thoughtful gift that brings warmth and comfort to any RV journey.

25. Xtend & Climb Pro Series 785P+ Telescoping Ladder


The Xtend & Climb Pro Series 785P+ Telescoping Ladder is an indispensable tool for RV owners.

Its compact, telescoping design makes it easy to store when not in use, yet it extends to provide safe access to the RV’s roof for maintenance, cleaning, or enjoying elevated views.

Durable and lightweight, this ladder supports up to 250 lbs, making it a practical gift for any RVer who values convenience and safety.

26. Advanced Elements Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower

solar shower

For RVers who love to venture off the beaten path, the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower offers the luxury of a warm shower, no matter where they’re parked.

This solar-powered shower bag heats water using sunlight, providing an eco-friendly way to stay clean while enjoying the great outdoors.

It’s a thoughtful gift that enhances the comfort and self-sufficiency of off-grid adventures.

27. YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler


The YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler is more than just a drink container; it’s an essential accessory for keeping beverages at the perfect temperature during long drives or while relaxing at the campsite.

Known for its durability and insulation capabilities, this tumbler can keep coffee hot for hours or ensure that iced drinks stay cold all day.

It’s a versatile gift that any RVer would appreciate for its daily utility and rugged construction.

28. Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio/RV Camping Mat


Enhance the outdoor living space of any RV with a Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio/RV Camping Mat.

These mats are designed to provide a clean, comfortable area outside the RV, perfect for lounging, dining, or socializing. Durable, easy to clean, and reversible for two looks in one, they’re available in various sizes and patterns to fit any style.

This gift is ideal for RV owners who love to make the most of their outdoor surroundings.

29. Foxelli USB Rechargable Headlamp Flashlight


Nighttime adventures or tasks around the RV are made safer and more convenient with the Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight.

This lightweight, yet powerful headlamp offers hands-free illumination, essential for late-evening setups, hikes, or when navigating the campsite after dark.

USB rechargeability means it can easily be powered up using the RV’s system or a portable power bank, making it an incredibly useful gift for any RV enthusiast who values practicality and preparedness.

30. Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System

water filtration

Ensuring access to clean drinking water is crucial for any RV trip, especially in remote areas.

The Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System is a compact, efficient solution that can easily fit in a backpack or RV storage compartment.

This high-performance filter removes 99.99999% of all bacteria and protozoa, making it an invaluable gift for RV owners who enjoy exploring off-grid locations and want to stay safe and hydrated.

31. CleverMade 62L Collapsible Storage Bins

storage bins

Space-saving solutions are always welcome in the compact environment of an RV.

CleverMade 62L Collapsible Storage Bins offer a versatile storage option that folds flat when not in use.

Perfect for organizing supplies, groceries, gear, or laundry, these durable bins are a godsend for keeping the RV clutter-free.
Their ease of use and practicality make them a fantastic gift for anyone looking to maximize space in their mobile home.

32. Camco 20ft Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support

sewer support

The Camco 20ft Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support makes waste disposal smoother and more hygienic.

Its sturdy, lightweight design elevates the sewer hose to prevent clogs and ensure a quick, gravity-powered flow.

Easy to set up and adjust to the RV’s waste outlet, this hose support is a thoughtful gift that can significantly enhance the convenience and cleanliness of the necessary but often dreaded task of waste management.

33. APEMAN Dash Cam

dash cam

Safety and peace of mind are paramount on the road.

The APEMAN Dash Cam offers RV owners a way to document their journey while providing an extra layer of security.

Featuring high-definition video recording, wide-angle capture, and night vision capabilities, this dash cam is a reliable witness to the beauty and unpredictability of road travel.

It’s an essential tool for capturing not just potential incidents but also memorable vistas encountered along the way.

34. Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers, 10 Pack


Ensuring your RV is level can make all the difference in comfort and appliance functionality.

Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers provide a simple, durable solution for stabilizing and leveling the RV at any campsite.

These interlocking blocks are easy to use and strong enough to support heavy vehicles, making them an ideal gift for the practical RVer focused on a smooth and stable living environment.

35. AUTO-VOX Solar Wireless Backup Camera Kit

wireless camera

Maneuvering an RV can be challenging, especially in tight spaces.

The AUTO-VOX Solar Wireless Backup Camera Kit simplifies this task with its easy-to-install, solar-powered camera that provides clear rear views directly to a dashboard-mounted monitor.

This system not only enhances safety when reversing but also reduces the stress of parking and backing up, making it a thoughtful gift for any RV owner.

36. Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator


The Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator ensures that RV owners can keep their food and beverages chilled, or frozen, without relying on ice or traditional cooling methods.

Its compact size is perfect for the limited space of an RV, yet it offers ample storage for essentials.

With its efficient power usage and ability to run off solar setups, it’s an excellent addition to any eco-conscious traveler’s setup, providing convenience and reducing the need for frequent grocery stops.

37. GEARLIGHT LED Road Flares Emergency Lights

emergency lights

Safety is paramount when traveling, and the GEARLIGHT LED Road Flares Emergency Lights offer an advanced way to ensure visibility during breakdowns or roadside emergencies.

These durable, waterproof LED flares can be seen from a distance, providing peace of mind for RV owners who want to be prepared for any situation.

With different flashing modes and a magnetic base for easy placement, they’re an essential safety toolkit item for any road trip.

38. EEZTire-TPMS Real Time/24×7 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

tire pressure system

Maintaining optimal tire pressure is crucial for the safety and efficiency of RV travel.

The EEZTire-TPMS system offers real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, alerting RV owners to any issues before they become hazardous.

Easy to install and compatible with a wide range of RV models, this system is a thoughtful gift that underscores the importance of safety on the road.

39. Happy Camper Keychain


A small yet significant token, the Happy Camper Keychain is more than just a practical accessory for keeping keys organized.

It’s a charming reminder of the joys of RV life and the adventures that await.

Crafted with durability in mind, this keychain is a perfect little gift for RV enthusiasts to carry a piece of their passion wherever they go.

40. MotorHome Magazine Subscription


For the RV owner who loves to stay informed and inspired, a subscription to MotorHome Magazine is the gift that keeps on giving.

Each issue is packed with travel tips, RV maintenance advice, gear reviews, and destination guides to fuel their wanderlust.

It’s an excellent resource for both novice and experienced RVers, offering a wealth of information to enhance their lifestyle and travel experiences.

41. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500

power bank

The Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 is a versatile and robust power supply unit designed to meet all RV needs.

With its high-capacity battery, it can power everything from smartphones and laptops to electric grills and mini-coolers, making it an indispensable tool for both short trips and extended adventures.

Its portability ensures that you can take it wherever you go, providing peace of mind that power will always be within reach.
For RV owners who love to explore off the beaten path, this power station offers the freedom to roam without sacrificing comfort or connectivity.

42. ARB 10810602 Portable Fridge/Freezer 63 Quarts


Keep your food fresh and beverages chilled with the ARB 10810602 Portable Fridge/Freezer.

Offering a substantial 63-quart capacity, this high-performance fridge/freezer can accommodate a large supply of provisions, making it perfect for long journeys or remote camping sites.

Its efficient cooling system ensures your perishables stay fresh, while its robust construction is designed to withstand the rigors of travel.
Whether you’re crossing deserts or climbing mountains, this fridge/freezer will keep your essentials at the perfect temperature.

43. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover


Protect your investment with the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover.

This durable cover is designed to shield your RV from the elements, including rain, snow, and UV rays. The PolyPRO3 fabric is both strong and breathable, preventing mold and mildew buildup and ensuring your RV stays in top condition.

Easy to fit and secure, this cover offers a custom-like fit for a wide range of RV models, making it an essential accessory for off-season storage.

44. Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

folding table

Turn any campsite into a gourmet kitchen with the Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table.
Spacious and sturdy, this table is the perfect outdoor cooking companion, providing ample space for a grill and all your cooking essentials.

It features a lightweight steel frame and foldable design for easy transportation and storage, along with additional hooks and paper towel holders for added convenience.

Whether you’re flipping burgers or preparing a feast, this table ensures everything you need is within arm’s reach.

45. Furrion Vision S 7 inch Monitor, 3 Camera Wireless RV Backup System

back up camera

The Furrion Vision S 7 inch Monitor, 3 Camera Wireless RV Backup System significantly enhances safety with its comprehensive view of the RV’s surroundings making it a great gift for that RV friend of yours.

This system includes a 7-inch monitor and three wireless cameras that provide rear and side views, making parking, reversing, and monitoring blind spots easier and safer.

The waterproof cameras ensure durability in all weather conditions, while the night vision capability offers clear visibility in low light.

It’s an invaluable addition for any RV owner, offering peace of mind when navigating tight spots or busy campgrounds.

46. Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue – RV & Marine 4-ply Toilet Paper

toiler paper

OK – this might make a silly gag gift but could be a good option for something on the cheaper side.

Designed specifically for RV and marine sanitation systems, Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue ensures smooth and safe processing through waste treatment systems.

This 4-ply toilet paper is soft, highly absorbent, and rapidly dissolves, preventing clogs and making waste disposal hassle-free.

It’s a thoughtful gift that underscores the importance of using products tailored for RV living, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the RV’s sanitation system.

47. BioLite CampStove 2 Wood Burning Electricity Generating & USB Charging Camp Stove

camp stove

The BioLite CampStove 2 not only cooks meals but also generates electricity to charge devices, all through the renewable resource of wood.

This innovative camp stove converts heat from the fire into usable electricity, featuring a USB port for charging smartphones, lights, and other gadgets.

Its smokeless flame technology ensures a cleaner burn, making it perfect for eco-conscious RV owners who enjoy cooking outdoors.

It’s a versatile, environmentally friendly gift that combines the joys of cooking with the practicality of portable power.

48. Garmin inReach Mini GPS Satellite Communicator

Mini GPS

Compact and robust, the Garmin inReach Mini GPS Satellite Communicator is an essential safety device for RV owners venturing into remote areas.

This satellite-based communicator enables two-way messaging, location sharing, and, most importantly, SOS capabilities in case of emergency, all without relying on cellular networks.

It’s ideal for keeping in touch with family or emergency services, offering peace of mind that help is reachable, no matter how far off the grid the adventure goes.

49. Dometic CFX3 45 Portable Refrigerator and Freezer


This gift may be pricey but these coolers make some of the best gifts for RV owners.
The Dometic CFX3 45 Portable Refrigerator and Freezer redefines food and beverage storage for RV enthusiasts, offering advanced cooling solutions on the go.

With the capacity to chill and freeze its contents irrespective of the external temperatures, this portable unit ensures your provisions remain fresh throughout your journey.

Its energy-efficient design, coupled with a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of travel, makes it an indispensable companion for long trips, providing convenience and reducing the need for frequent stops.

50. Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair

camp chair

Comfort and portability are perfectly blended in the Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair.

Known for its durability and ease of setup, this chair provides a comfortable seating solution anywhere you go.

Its lightweight frame and collapsible design make it easy to carry and store – ideal as a gift for RV owners who value convenience without compromising on comfort.

Whether it’s for gathering around the campfire or relaxing under the stars, this chair enhances any outdoor experience.

51. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Jump Starter


The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Jump Starter is a compact, yet powerful device that provides peace of mind for RV owners.

Capable of jump-starting dead batteries in seconds, this reliable tool is suitable for use on engines up to 6 liters for gasoline and 3 liters for diesel.

Beyond its jump-starting capabilities, it also functions as a portable power bank and LED flashlight, making it a versatile emergency tool for any road trip.

52. Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact, Rugged 7.25″ Hand Lantern


Illuminate your campsite with the Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact, Rugged 7.25″ Hand Lantern, a durable and bright source of light.

This lantern features multiple lighting modes to suit any situation, from an intense beam that lights up the night to a softer glow for inside the RV.

Its waterproof construction and floating capability make it especially useful for outdoor adventures, ensuring reliable lighting in any weather condition.

53. Lunatec Aquabot Sport Water Bottle

water bottle

The Lunatec Aquabot Sport Water Bottle is not just a vessel for staying hydrated; it’s a multi-functional tool that can mist to cool you down, shower to clean off, and spray for cleaning dishes or gear.

This pressurized, misting, and drinking water bottle is particularly useful for RV owners who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Its innovative design allows you to conserve water while still meeting various needs, from personal cooling to rinsing off campsite cooking equipment, making it an invaluable companion for any adventure.

54. Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent

rooftop tent

OK – maybe not a gift for an RV owner but this is an awesome gift for newbies to camping.

The Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent is a durable and comfortable shelter that sets up easily on your vehicle’s roof.

This tent offers the convenience of not having to find level ground for pitching, and its off-the-ground position provides added security and a unique perspective of your surroundings.

Designed to withstand the elements and provide a cozy sleeping space, it’s perfect for RV owners looking to expand their lodging options while exploring the great outdoors.

55. GCI Outdoor Compact Camp 20 Outdoor Folding Table

camping table

Want a great gift idea that almost every RV owner can appreciate?

The GCI Outdoor Compact Camp 20 Outdoor Folding Table is a lightweight and sturdy solution for all your outdoor dining and activity needs.

Whether you’re enjoying a meal outside your RV or need an extra surface for games or gear, this table’s easy-to-transport design makes it a great addition to any travel setup.

Its durable construction ensures stability on various terrains, making it a reliable piece for any adventure.

56. Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit


Keep your friend’s RV tires at optimal pressure with the Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit.

This powerful compressor is designed for the unique needs of RVs, capable of inflating up to 150 PSI quickly and efficiently.

The automatic shut-off function allows for precise inflation, and its portable design means you can maintain tire health wherever you are.

Ensuring proper tire inflation is crucial for safe RV travel, and this kit provides everything you need for peace of mind on the road.

57. Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel


The Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel offers RV owners the freedom to harness the power of the sun to charge their devices anywhere their adventures take them.

This portable, foldable solar panel is ideal for keeping phones, cameras, and small USB devices charged while off the grid.

Its rugged design and weather-resistant materials make it suitable for outdoor use, ensuring you stay connected even in remote locations.

58. Rumpl The Original Puffy | Outdoor Camping Blanket for Traveling, Picnics, Beach Trips, Concerts


The Rumpl The Original Puffy Outdoor Camping Blanket combines warmth, comfort, and versatility in a design that’s as suited for the wilderness as it is for a cozy evening by the RV.

Made from durable, water-resistant materials and insulated for warmth, this blanket is perfect for chilly nights around the campfire, picnics, or simply snuggling up inside the RV.

Its lightweight and packable nature make it an essential item for any RV owner who loves to explore the outdoors.

59. BAL R.V. Products Group 28050 Light Trailer Tire Leveler

tire leveler

Ensuring your RV is level is critical for comfort and appliance functionality. Everyone appreciates a flat surface for sleeping and relaxing.

The BAL R.V. Products Group 28050 Light Trailer Tire Leveler makes achieving a perfectly level position simple and straightforward, without the need for bulky blocks or ramps.

This tire leveler is easy to use and adjust, providing a precise leveling option for single-axle RVs, ensuring your mobile home is always set up perfectly, no matter where you park.

60. UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit with Bowl, Plate, and 3-in-1 Spork Utensil Set

mess kit

The UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit is designed for the RV owner who values compact, multi-use items that simplify life on the road.

This kit includes a bowl, plate, and a versatile 3-in-1 spork utensil set, all of which are made from durable, easy-to-clean materials.

The entire set nests together for efficient storage, making meal prep and consumption both convenient and enjoyable, whether you’re inside the RV or dining al fresco.


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