First Desert Camping Experience: Everything You Need to Know

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First Desert Camping Experience: Everything You Need to Know

Today we want to share with you information about traveling in the desert. Exploring sandy spaces is exciting and extraordinary. A completely new tourist experience and incomparable impressions give travelers breathtaking golden dunes and deep starry nights. And every camper should try this feeling at least once in their life.

But it is important to understand that this way of traveling is quite extreme. It is not suitable for beginners of solo tourism. However, even for them, there are wonderful places where perfect conditions are created for discovering the wonders of deserts. But about this later… First, we’ll share the fundamental knowledge collected in this quick guide to first desert camping.

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When is the Best Time to Plan a Desert Vacation

Carefully planning the period for a vacation will be the most important first step that promotes a successful vacation. The desert is a rather aggressive space if we are talking about summer months. The temperatures that await sandy visitors are almost unbearable, especially when it comes to wild spaces. So better set your travel dates for the winter months. It can be quite cold at night, but with the correct preparation, it will not affect the overall impression of the journey.

Of course, the period of visiting the desert depends on what direction and route you choose. The most popular today for camping deserts of the Middle East invite tourists to the most ideal conditions. You can combine the enjoyment of a free vacation with boat trips using a yacht for rent dubai, or go to the nearest beach for a bit of refreshment. Such advantages attract many desert camping newbies to the deserts of the UAE, who want to have their first experience in a more relaxed and safe way.


The World’s Top Deserts for Travelers to Explore

What other popular locations are available for desert camping? Practically all countries of the world have special rules for campsites. These should be specially equipped places or locations, within the radius of which the installation of mobile homes and tent cities is legal.

In the United States, tourists most often stay in the state of Arizona, where there are both special campgrounds and many secluded places near the central highways.

If you explore more exotic destinations, the desert routes of Namibia stand out not only for the amazing beauty of wildlife but also for more unique and undiscovered locations. A rather risky destination for the first desert camping, but accompanied by an experienced safari guide, such a trip can become a real African fairy tale.

The UAE and its diamond – Dubai Desert Reserve – must be mentioned separately. After arriving in the Middle East tourists can easily and simply rent an SUV in Dubai, equipped for camping, and go to one of the special spots for camping in one of the most picturesque deserts of the world.

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Desert Safety Rules to Always Keep in Mind

The desert is not just about the romance of starry nights and the glow of dunes in the bright sun. When going camping, it’s essential to remember the specifics that distinguish this type of location from other areas that are more comfortable for living in a tent. In our general “Guide to first-time camper living” we’ve already explained how to prepare for your first camping trip. But the nuances of the desert climate and setting, add extra items that are important for any traveler to consider:

1.    Take care of shelters to make shade

Unlike forest campgrounds, in the desert, you won’t find sprawling trees that shield your mobile home from the sun with their shade. We guarantee that the desert heat at noon will make you hide wherever you can. A quality sunshade that you take on your trip will not only reliably protect all travelers from dangerous solar radiation, but also will not allow your rental car and necessary tourist equipment to overheat. And for yourself, always keep sunscreen of the highest level of protection in your pocket, and don’t forget to refresh every 2 hours.

2.    Make a Maximum Reserve of Drinking Water

Hydration! Make sure you keep this topic in mind when preparing your camping gear and food supplies for travel. Dehydration is a rather dangerous condition that can befall first-time campers. Always have plenty of water in your car, backpack, or tent. To be on the safe side, equip your first aid kit with special electrolyte products that can help you quickly deal with cases of dehydration.

3.    Protect from sandy winds and dust

One of the biggest problems of the desert is the fine sand dust that sometimes comes up in the local wind and gets kicked up everywhere. That’s why it’s important to not only use special lightweight light-colored clothing and eye protection. But also have protective cases for the camper’s gadgets and a kit of replacement filters for the car and air conditioner. And here’s the most-used trick: put a water container to wash the sand off your feet at the front entrance of your sleeping space.

The Most Popular Desert Vacation Destination of 2024 – Glamping in UAE

If you are not yet familiar with this type of luxury vacation like glamping, we will introduce you to it. It is the deserts of Dubai that have become world-famous for premium camping that is perfect for first-time travelers. Renting equipped cars for desert safaris is so popular here, that car rental services provide visitors to the country with the best options for renting SUVs specially equipped to live among the dunes.

In the list of the best UAE camping, you can find both the top locations for independent camps, as well as the country’s most fabulous tourist tent villages, which have the conditions of real five-star open-air hotels for the most demanding travelers.

The desert atmosphere that attracts travelers from all over the world is an amazing new experience that is sure to give you an unforgettable experience. By considering all the nuances and preparing well for your travel, a desert vacation will be an amazing new adventure.

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