3 Must-See Classic Cars You Can Rent in Los Angeles

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From touring the Hollywood Walk of Fame to relaxing on an endless scenic coastline, LA has so much to offer visitors and locals alike. There are so many incredible ways to see all that the City of Angels has to offer. This glamorous, lively West Coast city is full of Hollywood attractions, museums, shops, theme parks, and so much more.

Whether you’re from the area or just stopping through, traveling in style is the best way to explore LA and get the most out of your experience. And the best way to turn heads while traveling through the area is with classic car rental Los Angeles.


Why Rent A Classic Car in LA?

When you think of LA, you most likely think of all the glitz and glamor the city is most known for. If you want to add some glitz and luxury to your own LA visit, look no further than classic car rental Los Angeles.

But what are the benefits of adding a vintage classic car to your trip?

If you’re touring the lively, celebrity-filled Hollywood area, a timeless rental car will add a unique and extravagant feel to your drives around the city. And not only do classic cars look great, but you can find plenty of options that are comfortable and spacious as well.

There are also so many day trips from Los Angeles that would benefit from the presence of a rental vintage car. You can drive along stunning coastlines or towering Big Sur cliffs in an incredible classic convertible for a luxurious experience with the best possible views.

Finally, classic cars don’t just have to be for LA tourists. Classic rental cars in LA can add a personal and one-of-a-kind touch to any photoshoot, prom night, or wedding. Here are three must-see classic cars you can easily rent the next time you’re in Los Angeles.


The Blue 1970 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Luxury car enthusiasts will love driving around LA in this striking blue luxury convertible. The last model of the Cadillac DeVille convertible produced, this gorgeous vintage car combines style and comfort to add the perfect unique touch to any drive.

Not only is the gorgeous blue color guaranteed to turn heads, but the automatic transmission makes it easy and convenient for any driver. And with a reliable and powerful V8 engine, every visitor is in good hands with this classic car.

Along with the luxurious style, the 1970 DeVille has a roomy and comfortable interior that makes it perfect for any family vacation. It can comfortably seat a driver and four guests. While parents will appreciate the vintage feel of the car, kids will love the unique look and experience of a timeless ride. And if you’re traveling with kids, you won’t forget the excitement on their faces when you pull back the white soft top of the convertible.

This classic Cadillac’s distinctive design ensures that you travel in style while enjoying countless plush amenities.


The Black 1970 Cadillac DeVille

Another iconic 1970 Cadillac DeVille, this sleek black car embodies all the nostalgia and elegance of classic and luxurious 70’s cars. The head-turning exterior and eye-catching red leather interior ensures that everyone who steps foot in this car feels like they’re traveling in luxury. And as you tour Hollywood Boulevard, celebrity homes, and Rodeo Drive, this lavish vehicle is the best way to enjoy the opulence and enchantment of LA.

Drivers and guests can enjoy an automatic transmission and a high-power V8 engine for exceptional performance. The classic black and red design also makes this a perfect choice if you’re looking to add a vintage car to any photoshoot, music video, or event.

This spacious car is also a great option for touring Los Angeles or visiting any nearby attractions. With room for four guests and a driver, as well as a comfortable and open interior, you can’t go wrong when you choose this car for a vacation or family trip. Similar to the Coupe, this white soft convertible will create unique, lasting memories from your time in LA and provide travelers of all ages with an unforgettable experience.


The Red 1973 Cadillac Eldorado

For an attention-grabbing classic car, you’ll want to rent this bright red 1973 Cadillac Eldorado. With a powerful V8 engine, eye-catching look, and lavish amenities, it’s no secret why this Cadillac set a new sales record when it was released in 1973.

The 1973 version of this ornate car saw several improvements and cosmetic changes that you can enjoy as you navigate LA. Updates included a large egg-crate grille, softer door panels, and new, sleeker front and rear bumpers. This classic vehicle truly allows you to experience the city of dreams in style and luxury. The three-speed automatic transmission also provides a smooth, reliable ride from behind the wheel.

The cool and cozy white leather seating can hold up to four guests and the driver, and the interior is spacious enough for you and your family or friends to comfortably explore Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Make sure to roll down the soft convertible top to fully take in the sights and enjoy the warm California sun as you cruise around the city.

This powerful, high-quality classic car is the epitome of elegance and extravagance. From solo trips to family vacations, this flashy car is the perfect unique way to experience the excitement and liveliness of LA. The car’s bright color and timeless look will also make it a guest favorite at any wedding or event!


Include A Classic Rental Car in Your Next LA Trip

Whether you’re a history buff, vintage car enthusiast, or just want to ride around LA in style, vintage rental car companies such as classic car rental Los Angeles can add a unique and exciting feeling to any Los Angeles visit.

It’s so easy to start the process of renting your perfect classic car. Any of these three must-see vintage cars are sure to turn heads as you experience all the exciting Los Angeles stops and highlights. From an elegant firetruck-red Eldorodo to a sleek and spacious DeVille, these cars can help you travel in style while meeting all your vacation needs.

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